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Heeey! The paintings arrived and we are absolutely in love with them! It's amazing how they look good both in sunlight but also when they are in the shadow, because many paintings only look their best in certain lighting.

Thank you also for the gift! It is truly a beautiful painting and we didn't expect our gift to also be this beautiful. 

We will probably put the latter into my partner's office.

All the best with you art career!

Kind regards,


Dear Sveta, 
I was very happy to receive the painting on Christmas day - what a perfect gift to myself!  I was so excited to unwrap the painting which was exactly as shown in the internet and plus the gift-paining you enclosed which is also very beautiful. I will choose a nice frame for it! Also what a nice gesture to write a personal letter with information about yourself and the painting - I am impressed and feel that I absolutely chose the right painting and artist! 
I myself have lived in the caribbean for 7 years and your painting remembered me of that time - even without having seen the title at first! I felt it was made for me, the colours are so "my" colours and I am very proud to "own" this work of art now. It will decorate my living room and I just can't wait to hang it up. Sadly have to wait for a friend with a drilling maschine since my walls are made of concrete. But I promise to send you a pic when the job is done! 
All the best to you and keep creating this amazing art! 

Hi Sveta,

We are thrilled with your work on our "Golden Years". We thank you and Paul for delivering yesterday and Marsha and I look forward to seeing you at your next area exhibit. Best regards.


Hello Sveta.

Thank you for the amazing artwork. It really breathes life into the room and will be a conversation piece for many years to come. 


Hello Sveta,

Thank you! My parents are very happy to have your painting in their home. It is funny, because they have only been here in Florida for about two months, but they have the home since October 2020, and all this time, while decorating, they could not decide what artwork to hang and they could not find anything they liked, until today and they liked your piece instantly, as did I.

Thank you,

Hi Sveta,
As soon as I saw this painting I had to have it. I’ve looked at hundreds of paintings and yours stood out on top. Thanks so much for sharing your art. We can’t wait to hang it in our home.


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