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About the artist

Artistic Origins

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Sveta Osborne

About the artist

Sveta Osborne (b.1975, Belarus) is an accomplished, professional artist who lives and works in Cape Coral, Florida, USA, close to tropical islands and ocean beaches.


The vibrancy of colors of Gulf Coast nature forms an endless source of inspiration for her work. As a result of her lifetime study around the world, she developed her own unique style.

Painting for her is an intuitive process, a direct expression of her own subject interpretation. Her paintings create mood, atmosphere, and vibration of energy overflow. Her works are bold, with expressive brush strokes and thick textured layers, that you just want to reach out and touch.


1996–1999 College of Fashion Design (Europe)


She regularly exhibits her work in online galleries worldwide and in prestigious art shows throughout South Florida. Her paintings can be found in private collections around the world.


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